Rolò Bracelet with Gemstone


Made from the flawless this rolò bracelet with gemstone is paired with our exclusive 18KT Golden Rosé plating, the rose gold alloy. The iconic B monogram medal embellishes one side of this delicate design, recently restyled to include a nice openwork of Bronzallure MILANO signature letter and new wearable dimensions for the everyday fit. The round rolò is also extremely comfortable and adjustable with a wide choice of certified natural gemstones: from the organic iridescence of white and pink mother of pearl, to the magnetic hues of black onyx, to vivacious malachite, amazonite and lapis. The new Red Carnelian variation, from the family of chalcedony confers earthy vibes to your seasonless outfits. The dark pink red rhodolite are ultra feminine; extra new features and shades include the soothing turquoise tones of magnesite and the timeless gunmetal iridescence of pyrite, a new sophisticated ideal morning to night.


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